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Sat 09-Sep: Tipsy Two

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  • 01-I Love You, Honey
  • 02-Maybelline
  • 03-It's Nothing To Me
  • 04-No More Gin
  • 05-Stop The World (And Let Me Off)
  • 06-Shake It And Break It (But Don't Let it Fall Mama)
  • 07-Mama Tried
  • 08-Whiskey
  • 09-Mean, Mean Man
  • 10-Should Have Been Home
  • 11-Gotta Lot of Rhythm in My Soul
  • 12-Drunken Lullabies
  • 13-New Rag
  • 14-Sitting Here Crying
  • 15-Bury the Bottle With Me
  • 16-Minglewood Blues

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