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Fri 22-Dec: CVLTMAS VI
+ Save The Night EP Release
+ wsg Nailbiter
+ Plague
+ Hundred Proof (Chatham)

Sat 23-Dec: Dance Stance
+ Saturnlia Edition

Wed 27-Dec: Meteor Uniplex Presents
+ This Is Spinal Tap

Fri 29-Dec: Old Punks Night
+ The Shannon Brothers
+ The Carlone Brothers
+ Dry Heaves
+ Spys
+ Guitar Army
+ John Lids
+ The New Enemies

Sat 30-Dec: American Airport Sushi
+ wsg Twice Bleached
+ Transways

Sun 31-Dec: Disco Heaven New Years Eve
+ Hosted by Disco Jesus

Wed 03-Jan: Meteor Uniplex Presents
+ Mean Girls

Fri 05-Jan: Christopher White Showcase

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