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Fri 22-Sep: Huron Lines
+ Album Release Party
+ wsg Highteens (Toronto)

Sat 23-Sep: Funnelfest 2023
+ wsg Scars of Our Youth
+ Reckless Upstarts

Fri 29-Sep: The Broadway Bunch (Show #1)

Sat 30-Sep: The Broadway Bunch (Show #2)

Sun 01-Oct: Acoustic Showcase
+ Mitchell Scott
+ Devin Amyotte
+ Will Stockford
+ Sophia Poraa

Thu 05-Oct: Status/Non Status
+ wsg Years of Ernest

Fri 06-Oct: Dawson Gamble
+ wsg Transways
+ Sabro

Sun 08-Oct: Falls For the Elderly
+ wsg Crimson Asphalt
+ Decaying Reign
+ Rain

Mon 09-Oct: The Crowd Goes Mild
+ The Coles Jackson Beadle Revue

Wed 11-Oct: Ian Scott Trio
+ wsg Nolan Grona

Fri 13-Oct: Life in Chaos
+ wsg Say Goodnight
+ Scram
+ Deafwolff

Sat 14-Oct: Cat Clyde

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